Love Strong

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Why do marriages self-destruct? Why do lovers stop loving? Why do couples break their vows and dissolve commitments that were supposed to last forever? Today, the idea of marriage lasting “forever” is considered naive, even archaic.

“For better or for worse” too often becomes “For better or forget it!” What has been forgotten are the basics—the fundamentals of loving—of what it takes to build happy, fulfilled lives within the framework of a committed and lasting marriage. And now, more than ever before, we need to remember. We need a breakthrough.

In the pages of Lovestrong you’ll learn:

 Seven basic purposes of marriage

 Good Sex as God intended it 

The true meaning of love (It’s not what you think!)

 What to do when the loving stops

 Ten fundamentals for a marriage breakthrough

Marriage the way God intends is not for sissies or the selfish. It’s rated “M” for Mature. Children need not apply. If you’re looking for more than Hip Hop or Hollywood hook-ups, the book in your hands will prepare you to love strong.

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